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Wednesday, September 04, 2013

The Truth about Homosexuality

In  the light of the current repressive laws against Homosexuality in places like Russia, I think the time is appropriate to publish the truth about Homosexuality.

First, homosexuality is a genetic predisposition.  Either a person is born that way or they are not.  In European and Western societies, the frequency of the homosexual gene has resulted in social pressures toward heterosexuality  to promote the production of workers and mercenaries that might not otherwise be produced.  If a person's natural instinct isn't going to force them to  behave as heterosexuals,  social pressures and laws will!

Not to say that homosexuality cannot be learned, but often it is unlikely due to the social pressure to be heterosexual.  I have known people to learn homosexual behavior and enjoy themselves sexually with either men or women.

Due to the conflict between the genetic nature of people and the social pressure to behave in a manner contrary to their true nature, many people express vehement opposition to homosexuality as a means of convincing themselves and others they are not homosexual.  This not only resolves the problems of their own personal incapacity to deal with the conflicting situation, but the same sex camaraderie (hating homosexuals together) gives them the opportunity to associate with the same sex in a manner that does not indict them.

Societies that engage in massive repression of homosexuality are masking the prevalence of their own homosexual nature.

A natural heterosexual has no need to oppose homosexuality.  A natural heterosexual can easily respect the choices of others about how they live their lives.  Why should any reasonable person concern themselves with the sexual relationships of others they are not involved with sexually???  If a  person believes in the concepts of liberty and the pursuit of happiness, that person necessarily extends the respect due to others to make their own choices about living their own lives.

Opposition to homosexual behavior comes from people who are in conflict recognizing their own homosexual nature and are strained resolving the conflict.  Some people can be repressed and just ignore any concerns,  but some people are so afraid they will become outcasts of society they must prove their membership in the heterosexual circles.  These people must do more than simply live a heterosexual life which is not compatible with their nature.  They are compelled to prove they are not homosexual by their opposition to any person who is, especially since that person has the courage and strength that they lack. 

Homophobia therefore proves to society and the world that they are not homosexual which they have been brainwashed into believing is wrong, or unmanly, or unwomanly, or something.

The bottom line is repressed homosexuals are sometimes compelled to oppose homosexuality.  I deduce therefore that those places where homosexuality is the most dogmatically condemned is where the members of the society have the highest number of repressed homosexuals.

Should these societies that strongly oppose homosexual behavior undergo cultural changes, the likelihood of large numbers of people coming out of the closet is very high.



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