I was brought up and knew my way around the 20th century when much to my surprise the 21st century came along and everyone started making up new confusing rules I was supposed to have memorized (long after it was too late to memorize anything).

Wednesday, December 17, 2014

Dear KOLO 8 News at 5pm

Today, December 17th, 2014, you did another story on decaying infrastructures of schools and bridges in Nevada, citing a report by the American Society of Civil Engineers.  You ended the story quoting the reports statement that "the problem lies in caps on property taxes stopping municipalities from making the necessary improvements."

Now you guys are supposedly the ones paying attention so why would you publicize such a misinformed statement?

Coincidence?  Yesterday we received the property tax assessment for the 2015-2016 tax years.  Taxes were increased almost 22% for the next year.  Doesn't sound like a debilitating cap on taxes to me!

Another coincidence?  Yesterday my father received his Social Security Statement saying his social security would increase 1.7% in the coming year.

In fact, the report contains glaring inaccuracies at best your news team might have scrutinized before reporting.  In an economy that is at best staying afloat and social security increases are at 1.7, intended to reflect cost of living increases; where new jobs created are lower paying for most people than the jobs that recently laid them off...

How can you quote a report that concludes the problem is a price cap that allows 22% increase in property taxes in one year?????  Do you need 50% increase in taxes?  100%?  200%

In an environment where only the top 1% get 22% or better cost of living increases, you are leading the public to believe that a 22% property tax increase in one year is too limiting.

I suspect cronyism and overpaid bureaucracies and price gouging private enterprises and contractors are the problem, not a price cap on property taxes.  Any reasonable person would agree.

Thursday, May 01, 2014

My reaction to the interview with Mary Ellen O'Toole


I am a philosopher and a layman philosopher at that. I embrace all fields of knowledge and speak freely about psychopaths and sociopaths. I change hats like Imelda Marcos changes shoes.

Mary Ellen O'Toole makes quite a valid point when she says that psychopaths need not be violent.  In fact, a psychopath with intelligence is going to act without violence to avoid conflicts with the law or conceal the violence. That doesn't mean the psychopath sitting at home and watching TV didn't just sell a home he knows but failed to disclose that sits on a foundation that was improperly compacted or that if the damage to the house to come ever goes to court he won't absolutely deny knowing anything about the soil engineering report that was faked to cut costs for the grading contractor.  Harmless, sitting in his living room counting the money he made cheating a little old lady.

Mary Ellen O'Toole states that there are violent people, rapists and killers who aren't psychopaths: that is, they do not meet the standards for a clinical diagnosis - no neurotransmitter imbalances that can be quantified, no brain swelling or growth in the brain that can be measured, no gene that can be identified as the psycho gene and does not answer the questionnaire for the psychotic profile as required to be given the questionable status.

Sociopaths learn their behaviors from psychopaths and other sociopaths and would probably never develop such anti-social tendencies without adequate role models.

So when we talk about 1% who are strictly defined psychopaths, we are leaving out an unknown percent of the population that has developed psychopathic behaviors and become sociopaths.

I for one have questions. What causes the ebbs and flows of such aberrations in a population?   Can we eliminate such violent crime by rooting out obvious causes and implementing remedies?

I have seen laws applied stringently and abusively on some and applied lightly and forgivingly on others.  I have seen HR departments that answer to a sociopathic lying boss who rewards everyone who lies and cheats for him and punishes anyone who is truthful and forthright.  Within such HR departments I have seen truly legitimate HR people doing their job right laid off and crooked lying brown nosing HR people satisfying a criminal agenda promoted.

I maintain that the majority of hardened criminals are never prosecuted but are able to turn the tables, discredit their accusers and manipulate social gangs to persecute any who dare try and expose them.
The nature of psychopaths and sociopaths is to evade getting caught, so a majority of them polish the image of being law abiding citizens. Many of us can see through these ruses and pay for it.

I like Mary Ellen O'Toole’s advice about listening. One of the maxim's I learned was that "if you aren't listening, you aren't learning anything" or transposed, "if you are talking, you aren't learning anything."

I am a little anguished about BK's suggestion to proactively police psychopaths, not because it's a bad idea but because it backfires.
There is already too much corruption and such a license to police people on the theory of what they might do opens a panacea of criminalizing people who haven't done anything to protect cronies who cheat lie and steal.

Can you imagine one psychiatrist on the payroll of syndicated crime condemning person after person once that person has been covertly set up? Their complaints are classified as imaginary (since the evidence is concealed and/or removed in such cases) and the victims, people with integrity, honesty and character are always going to be the likely targets of such a system with so many sociopaths in power.

Famous failures in the past of proactive policing are exemplified in the example of a case in point:  the Symbionese Liberation Army. Per Mae Brussel's research the Symbionese Liberation Army was created and justified as a way to catch criminals before they committed crimes. This was one aspect of COINTELPRO, a much larger crime prevention program in the 1960's which resulted in violating people's rights and creating more crime than it stopped. The SLA was formed by two CIA operatives working with a 2 ex-undercover LAPD officers. They recruited people to commit crimes.

The final conclusions were that
1) They created crimes that would not have happened otherwise.
2) They recruited people who may have never become involved with crime but were cajoled and coerced into crime.

As a society we preach that every person has equal rights under the law and the law is meant to be enforced fairly on all people. In practice, we have secret societies and cronyism creating the rule "for our friends, everything's OK, for our enemies, nothing's OK. All others see rules and regulations".

Mary Ellen O'Toole told us the most important thing she could tell us: upon encountering bothersome behavior report that behavior if it is reportable and avoid that person if it is not. This advice is often impossible in the workplace but is a good rule of thumb.

I am reminded of a time I was very close to a person who was impeccably honest, ethical and fair, not to mention truly brilliant. We lived in a community where the criminal mentality was rather dominant. I was confided in, by an insider in the criminal world, that my friend was 'not' very smart.  I was shocked.

I learned he was considered stupid and weak because he was forthright, honest, ethical and fair. Being smart is all about getting ahead faster and not getting caught.

This is the belief system in today's world we all must face.  All we can do is try and make the system work.

Thursday, March 27, 2014

Sell Sell Sell (abridged from my original song: 1977)

Sell Sell Sell
You'll do so well
In the sorcery of
A land that fell

But dare and try and break the spell
Of the soul formula sell sell sell

Meet buy buy buy
Here to stay
Grab and get and take

Find the body that once was warm
A disfigured body of no form

So sell sell sell
You'll do so well
In the sorcery of
A Land that fell

But dare and try and break the spell
Of the soul formula sell sell sell

Feed dissenters to the dogs
Thrive and grow in the way you know
Do your thing: buy and sell
Die in the shadow of your empty shell

So sell sell sell
You'll do so well
In the sorcery of
A land that fell

But dare and try and break the spell
Of the soul formula sell sell sell

Then one day, the sunlight dawns
Fraudulent worms and dragons exposed
In the mist the Rainbow Warrior and
Sell sell sell, revealed and deposed

Saturday, March 22, 2014

The Log of Links 3_22_2014

This is the log of links.  Interesting stories that generally the public isn't told about.

Cell Phones are being used to initiate drone attacks, killing innocent people.

Ethnic cleansing in Israel

The NSA thinks it is OK to spy on you but if you spy on them...'s_about_blackmail%2C_not_national_security/#more

The NSA 50 page catalog of back door entries

Who was Robert Levinson working for?

How many fatalities occur from police encounters?

Spying on dissent

Cognitive disorder resulting from chemtrails

Monday, March 17, 2014

Women's Rights taken away by U.S. Puppet Government in Iraq

With respect to women's rights I am republishing this article from Iraqi Solidarity as it states what I have known for a long time.  While we have supported repressive Arab regimes like Saudi Arabia we have worked deliberately for decades to destroy liberal Arab regimes like Iraq.  I lived in Iraq and knew then that Women's Rights were respected in Iraq and wondered at all the blabber about injustice to women in Arab countries as if they were all the same.  This article clearly shows how the liberal Iraq implemented Women's Rights and other progressive changes which were reversed after the U.S. invasion by then President George W. Bush.

Tuesday, February 04, 2014

How Psychotics Are Leading to the Destruction of Civilization

In the Op Ed News article, A World Damaged by Psychopaths and Narcissists—Ian Hughes Interview Transcript Part I, Bob Kall interviews Ian Hughes.  Ian Hughes says "Well I guess the big picture, idea behind my book, Rob, is basically asking the question, are we a peaceable species or are we a war-like species?"

We are a loving, peaceable species.  The problem is usually a combination of our intellect and our gullibility.

Others as far back as Confucious have suggested that the evidence of the goodness in people is exemplified by the 'coming together' of people in an emergency.  I do not believe we are a war-like species, but rather, those psychopaths, using sociopaths, narcissists and paranoids as their tools can create a condition combining comfort and fear to drive societies to instigate death and suffering to satisfy greed and desire

Ian describes the psychopath aptly as not having a conscience.   This seems fairly accepted but I question the accuracy.  Perhaps the definition of conscience varies with perspective.  A psychopath believes that what he or she is doing is desirable or necessary.  While to the 'normal' person the psychopath may appear not to have a conscience, I believe the psychopath does have a conscience.  The difference is the scope of who is included in humanity and perhaps in simpler terms, the notion that if you can’t see someone, they don’t exist.

What is the difference between the narcissist and the psychopath?  The psychopath is convincing, asserting absolutely convinced of their own correctness and truth.  The narcissists’ experiences an emotional sense of being the only one.  The psychopath experiences both the emotional sense and the intellectual sense of being the only one.   The narcissist ignores intellect, the psychopath uses intellect to an advantage.
The psychopathic believes the delusion of superiority.  Just as we don't worry about the bacteria when we take antibiotics, the psychopath sees others as no more than a culture in a petri-dish either useful as an experiment, as fodder or as threatening as a disease.

The sociopath, the narcissist and the paranoid are all easy pawns for the psychopath because of their social presence and their antisocial behaviors.  The closest to the psychopath is the narcissist who shares the quality of placing such great importance on the self that others are excluded.  To the sociopath the importance of others is relative.  To the paranoid others often pose a threat.

Together, they form the power base that creates the war-like culture. 
The psychopath and the narcissist are the result of a biological ‘organic’ condition that is predominately genetic in nature;  they share the lack of consideration for other points of views.  This is different from considering and discounting another point of view for some logical reason.
The sociopath and the paranoid unlike the psychopath and the narcissist are essentially learned behaviors with few exceptions.

For example, if you kick a puppy growing up, and others do also, that puppy will grow into a dog that fears people.  The dog may be violent or may be frightened but by all appearances, the dog is paranoid of people.  Perhaps the dog could be conditioned, shown video’s of dogs being kicked by people and have the paranoia induced.  Americans such as myself, a baby boomer, grew up with a fear of the Russians who were collectively our bogey man.  My parents watched from roof-tops in Michigan with other loyal Americans to help with the early warning in the event of a strike on U.S. soil by the former Soviet Union.  Today we program people in America that Arabs are the bogey man.  We induce paranoia into our society to control people.

In a microcosmic example I give you the imaginary town with a gas station located along a desolate stretch of highway.

The town and the owner of the gas station lack sufficient business being in the middle of nowhere.  The psychopathic/narcissist nature of the owner has no problems retaining someone to put nails in the tires of people’s cars when they stop for gas and are not looking.  People fill up their tanks and drive off, only to get a flat tire a few miles later and require the assistance of the only tow truck for 50 miles, that of the service station they had just previously stopped at.  The gas station owner has now tripled or quadrupled his profits and is happy.

The person putting nails in the tires is a sociopath.  He has a conscience, but approval from the service station owner is more meaningful than the approval of the stranger driving through town.  His/her social conscience is linked to the local social hierarchy.  He knows putting nails in people’s tires is not a nice thing to do, but elevated acceptance, wealth and status within the local society far outweighs the guilt of the crime itself. 

From the general perspective of the inner culture in this desolate rural town on the highway, treating outsiders as ‘Marks’ or ‘suckers’ to be used is OK.

The people who get nails in their tires are the paranoids.  They decide to do something about it.  

They pass a law requiring a security guard at every gas station who'll help the 'owner' deal with these 'vandals'.  The owner argues such a law requires municipal assistance as the cost is too great a burden.  The owner (the psychopath) hires the buddy of the sociopath (another sociopath in the making) who is instructed to overlook the first sociopaths putting nails in tires (racketeering in a socially acceptable context by making  failure to comply with the bosses wishes insubordination) but instructed to turn in anyone else who is caught putting nails in tires.  For appearances other sociopaths are enlisted covertly by yet other sociopaths who are in the employ of the psychopath to put nails in the tires of cars for other reasons: out of state plates, color of skin, manner of dress, etc.  These people are caught by the Security Guard sociopath and everyone believes the system works.  The apprehended criminals proclaim in self-defense that out-of-state people, colored people and people who dress funny threaten their way of life.  

Those caught are in the lower rungs of this inner social order.  Those who are protected are in the higher rungs of this inner social order.  All of the people in this social order feel that they BELONG in this rural town.  If someone should make a fuss about what is going on, that person becomes one of the town's black sheep, shunned from good society and persecuted by whatever whisper campaign can be used to crucify them. The goodness of human nature has been usurped by a psychopath.

The psychopath is happy.  Business is on the rise.

His narcissist spouse is happy, adorned with material wealth, adoration and a new pair of shoes.

The sociopaths are happy and ‘belong’ and have a place in this town.

The paranoids are never happy despite successful endeavors passing laws to whittle away the dangers and their optimists whisper that we are making things safer with our laws.

The sane, honest person who maintains integrity is castigated as a malcontent and a trouble-maker in this little town.  The rest of society really hasn't got a clue. 

In the little town, the gas station owner brings in money to the community and his social hierarchy is protected.  The psychopathic gas station owner is honored and revered as a most upstanding member of the community. 
Some might wonder about what happens after the gas station becomes an empire; some might speculate about what occurs when two of the psychologically aberrant get into a conflict.  The psychopath maintains order throughout the chaos, regardless, by any means necessary.

The previous imaginary anecdote is only a microcosm of how societies operate and how psychopaths rise to wealth and power.

War-like societies are socially programmed by psychopaths who control societies.  Little itsy-bitsy tribes may have their psychopaths, but the scope of their power is limited by their limits to communication and technology.

Our modern day psychopaths have no such limitations except who rises to the top versus who is crushed along the way.

Inherently, human nature is good.  Socially, cultures have the pathology of coming together in dire circumstances.  This reflects the good nature of humanity.  From such coming together evolves a cooperative society that is more successful. 

From this cooperative society emerge opportunities for taking advantage of other people.  The psychopath focuses on these opportunities and uses the sociopath, the narcissist and the paranoid to do the legwork, to deflect attention and occasionally to feed the angry mobs a human offering should the danger of the psychopath getting caught ever arise.  

Society decays until upon the brink of disaster.  When disaster strikes, the goodness in people brings them together and the cycle begins again.  At least that is how it used to be.

This encompasses how psychopaths and narcissists use sociopaths and paranoids to push our global village into decay with the potential for annihilation.  This comes at a time, ironically, when the world could be a better place for everyone.

Friday, December 20, 2013

Reviewing The Desolation of Smaug

The Hobbit: The Desolation of Smaug was a  GREAT movie.  Clearly the best movie of the year.  Consistent with Peter Jackson's Lord of the Rings Trilogy, the movies based on The Hobbit are the first I have ever watched (in 100's of movies where I've read the book) that the movie actually outdoes the book.  Typically, a film is a disappointment to anyone who has read the book of the same name.  Ask any Tolkien fan and the works of Peter Jackson up to and including the Desolation of Smaug with respect to J.R.R. Tolkien have exceeded, failing to disappoint any of J.R.R. Tolkien's fans. This has been done by attention to detail and artfully appending the never ending story.

One of the most amazing things about the Hobbit series is the fact that Peter Jackson has elaborated on the story line in such a way that is consistent with the nature of the story and dovetails with the Legend.

We all knew Legolas was of the elves of Mirkwood, but Peter Jackson has given him a role that could truly be appreciated by Tolkien in The Desolation of Smaug.

Tauriel did not exist in the original book but she brings to life a progressive characterization that ties our times to the story of the Ring that Binds them All.

Many of us felt the void at the lack of presence of Radagast the Brown in the original books The Hobbit and Lord of the Rings.  After all, he is one of only five Wizards.  Peter Jackson has artfully, without disturbing the original content of the Legend, awakened Radagast the Brown and brought him to life.

I could go on, but I repeat that these Peter Jackson movies including the Desolation of Smaug have done what No Movie Has Ever Done Before.

So, do us a favor, media moguls?  When your spoon fed media brown nosing critics want to repeat countless times how they were bored (as they repeat what each other said), with the splendid 3d Cinematography, the excellent acting and the marvelous story, don't waste anything more than a 1 inch length column on the back page for such inane gold-diggers.  That is all that is needed to tell us their pea sized brains was overloaded after the first five minutes.
And to the actors, film editors, camera-people and all involved in this and the next production, a big THANK YOU.  People like me would not even go to theatres except for such incredible movies as The Desolation of Smaug.