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Tuesday, March 05, 2013

Today, the world has lost a champion.  On March 5th, 2013 The Honourable Hugo Chavez, President of Venezuela, has died.

During an era during which the Skull drug traffickers and their co-conspirators in syndicated crime has been murdering, assassinating, implementing coups, implementing false flag actions like 9-11, blowing up legitimate Law Enforcement like the FBI Offices in the Murrah Building, fabricating lies to go to war for false justifactions, The Honourable Hugo Chavez resisted the global tyranny to destroy all but the wealthies people in the world by building an unjust, deceptive and evil world and using Lollipops (Lollipops - people who do the wrong things for the right reasons and the right things for the wrong reasons) to further their evil.

I praise the Venezuelan People for giving the world a leader to look up to.  A man who struggled and gave his own life so that less powerful people could live decent lives.

When another of my hero's, Michael Ruppert, was about to be murdered by the Skull Conspiracy (goes back to the Opium Wars and includes drug trafficking globally and much of the evil including the assassination of John F. Kennedy), Cesar Chavez gave him political sanctuary in Venezuela.  Michael was a Los Angeles Narcotics Officer who like many before him and after him discovered complicity between the police, drug traffickers.  Like Louis Tackwood years earlier, he testified before Congress and although action was taken it was short lived.  The Skull Conspiracy shouts down the truth with their 'us or them' mentality that negates truth and justice.

Michael was defamed rather thoroughly thereafter and would have been forgotten but for Gary Webb, the writer for the San Jose Mercury News who again published evidence of LAPD and drug trafficking over a decade later.  This cost him his life.

Michael rose again to prominence as people wanted to hear his story.  In the meanwhile Gary Webb's life was ruined and his death regardless of all else can be attributed to a crime of the Skull Conspiracy.  Michael was permitted to sit in on Senate Intelligence Committee Hearings regarding the subject on which he was an expert, Skull involvement with LAPD Drug Traffickers and later in the early 2000's travelled and spoke to groups on what he had learned.  Soon thereafter he sought political asylum in Venezuela.

This is just one of the many important acts of the Honourable Hugo Chavez, President of Venezuela.  He nationalized the oil industry, which was a blow against the Empire of Evil.  The Plutocracy enslaves nations and murders their people as in Iraq, ruthlessly, as attested to by the lives of almost 7 million Iraqi Children.  Hugo Chavez stood up to these evil people in the only way a bullied nation can, with honour and courage.

In the U.S. we must choose:  raise taxes on the rich and corporations and bring them in line now or face a much more devastating conflict in the future.

Let us look to the Honourable Hugo Chavez for his courage, his righteousness and his heroics.


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