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Monday, September 02, 2013

Let the People lead!

If the people lead, the leaders will follow.  People must take leadership roles which however cannot simply be the violent usurpation of power.  If a leader leads by force, others will follow but will stab him in the back; if a leader leads by caring, courage, reason and justice, the people will die for him.         

Let us not lead by force, by attacks and by destroying those above.  We must lead by revealing the impeccable and unstoppable power of reason and truth and win hearts.

While perhaps a missile was fired by Syrian Forces that contained chemical weapons, we have no proof that this was the intent of the Syrian Government and that it wasn't the machination of some other interest with an agenda to incite a military action.  We have no proof that the chemical weapons weren't the acts of people who have interests in promoting war against President Assad.

Indeed, President Assad leads a country without oil, a poor country that has been a service industry to the former U.S.S.R. and Russia, housing and entertaining VIP's and diplomats and hosting sports teams for their practice.  It has been suggested that the puny amounts of oil that might be obtained in Syria by slant drilling, etc., although considered worthless to the Oil Barons who have connived for Middle Eastern Oil since 1910 when it was discovered, now 103 years later might be worth pumping.  More likely is that certain interests wish to put pipelines across Syria and control those pipelines.

President Assad knows his country has no strength compared to that of Iraq which has undergone 22 years of constant devastation (another humanitarian effort gone awry).

Indeed, it would be insane to think President Assad voluntarily signed his own death certificate.

On the other hand, we have neo-cons and neo-zionists in the U.S. who have been chomping at the bit to start a war in Iran.  Obstructed, they now see the possibility of starting a war in Syria that will spill over into Iran. This would be an end run around obstacles to the much desired profits of war.  Control of Syria would mean control of any pipelines going through Syria as well.

Is it not possible that the gun and drug runners who have armed the rebels provided the Sarin nerve gas to the rebels with the intent of involving the U.S.; or that some official was bribed and a warhead swapped to start a war?  We have been a part of an international gun and drug running team, formerly Iran-Contra, that was pardoned when caught?  Although an international crime syndicate, it seems people high up in our government protect them.

President Obama said if chemical weapons were used the U.S. military would act?  Might this be the reason the warhead was swapped or the rebels given chemical weapons???

Asides from the profits of selling more guns, more bullets, more bombs, more missiles, more planes, etc, there are other economic reasons that might motivate those politicians who protect international gun and drug running.

Based on President Obama's 2013 Federal Discretionary Budget, education is to receive 6% of the funds; health 5%, energy and the environment 3%, veterans benefits 5.5% and the DOD and weapons programs 57%.  We all know that departments get their budgets cut if the money isn't all spent, so there is a great interest in spending every cent!

The 'Masters of War' have dragged the U.S. into wars for profit through the decades with superficial justification.  In the case of Syria, perhaps their are concerns that should be addressed, diplomatically.  Arms trafficking through Syria poses a threat to Israel.  So how do we protect Israel?

We must start by instilling in and out of our country the arguments that cut through all racial and religious prejudices stating that is in any population is the spectrum of personality types.

In every population there are good people, bad people, truthful people, liars, greedy people, caring people and so on.  There are no good or evil countries, just countries with people and the people in every country fill the spectrum of human behavior types.  Equipped with this argument, we defy any prejudice against Americans, Jews, Arabs, Chinese, Hispanics, etc.  We decree any such arguments are inherently false and deceptive and we begin to work to protect human societies.

Now we are equipped to make this argument to President Putin of Russia and President Jinping of China.  We communicate that in the interest of all people of the world we wish to create a coalition to stop the illegal flow of arms to prevent incidents such as what has happened in Syria.  We get President Putin and President Jinping to work as equal partners in stopping the flow of arms that threatens Israel, Syria and the entire world.  We all work together with transparency. 

If President Obama would ask China, Russia and Saudi Arabia to help in the Palestinian peace process by stopping the flow of illegal weapons to very poor people to instigate violence, we would have the basis for a very positive coalition. 

England and France should go along with a truly humanitarian coaltion and so would the rest of the world.  The growth of the very notion that there are no good-guy - bad-guy lines between societies, only a spectrum of behavior types within every society would be driven by the interest of all people.

Are dropping more bombs, orchestrating more covert actions and destroying more societies while stealing from the mouths of the poor to make criminals rich still a viable alternative?  How long will our spoon fed media keep up the pretense to support genocide for profit???


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