I was brought up and knew my way around the 20th century when much to my surprise the 21st century came along and everyone started making up new confusing rules I was supposed to have memorized (long after it was too late to memorize anything).

Monday, June 03, 2013

Bob Kall writes about Public Banking

Everyone should read this article:

The idea of setting up public banks in the U.S. is a great idea.  The process can be heralded as an alternative to prosecuting the banksters for crimes against humanity, war crimes, etc. etc.  This appears to be an idea whose time has come.

I wouldn't want to put off making the change.  A little more growth of our fascist corporate system will leave our entire nation fascist and enable our government to pursue genocidal domestic policies unabated.

Just in the last few days I argued with a niece of mine about a poster that implied anyone expecting entitlement was a loser.  I tried to tell her this is insidious brainwashing on society that has taken hold already. 

Of course there is entitlement!  The Declaration of Independence charters our government to guarantee our Right to Life, Liberty and the Pursuit of Happiness.

We are now talking about the Right to Life!

This seems to have been forgotten as we have moved into the technocratic 21st Century and are convinced our government must prioritize making the wealthy wealthier and removing the safety net forcing the masses of American Society into a despair that will lead to crime, imprisonment and death.

For decades our talking heads have told us how automation will help us to have more and work less.  Little did they know that instead Americans would be working more for less while corporations and their executives make the public concern the ease with which they can get richer. 

Over several decades the corporations have shifted their burden of taxation onto the working class.  They have blamed the economic hardship of the working class on the poor.  Meanwhile, the banking system has become a wild west for looting the economy and the Federal Reserve demands more of our Social Security Retirement for interest on the national debt.

Our government has forgotten the people have a Right to Life, even if they don't work for the government, the banks or a corporation.


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