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Friday, May 24, 2013

Are your legislators voting in support of you?

The recent S954 was the Senate Bill to allow states to require labeling of foods that contain GMO's.  We already know that GMO's are dangerous to living things (an organic ear of corn and a GMO ear of corn were left out for birds.  The birds avoided the GMO ear of corn). 

Our U.S. Federal Government is too busy being bribed and (Forbidden Words) to care about the health of the constituency enough for Administrations like the FDA to even do the job they are getting paid for.  So the public is kept at bay and the information about what has been done to their food is hidden from them.

I believe in FREE CHOICE.  We should be able to CHOOSE if we want to jeopardize our lives to be part of an experiment for the profit of a corporation or whether we choose to perhaps spends a little more sometimes to avoid being part of that experiment.

We are told to fight for the Freedom of our Nation.  Our Federal Government thinks you should die for freedom when they want you too, but your FREEDOM to make informed decisions about your own life is unimportant.  Go figure???

Some States disagree.  Yet they were threatened with lawsuits if they passed their own laws requiring labeling, obstructed from protecting the Freedom our Federal Government has stymied.  So a bill was written in the Senate to permit states to pass their own laws regarding the labeling of foods.  Unfortunately, our Senate not only looks the other way while the Federal Government works to conceal what is being done to your food, but won't let the States require disclosure of such incredible subterfuge of Freedom and the Right to Life.

Note the voting records for the next election!!!

Here you can find out who voted for and against this bill.

Here is another web site just received with facts about GMO's the spoon fed media won't tell you about, courtesy of :
From this article :

In addition to the photo's I have seen of corn left out (birds ate the organic corn and left untouched the GMO corn), this site offers more data regarding the secretive GMO experiment your Federal Government wants you to know nothing about so you cannot control how you are poisoned.

Let's stop Monsanto and drive legislators out of office that won't allow labeling of foods containing GMO's.


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