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Friday, February 22, 2013

Stop the Sequester

People.  We face a crisis I write to lay before you today. 

On one side of the aisle in Congress are those who have slandered the disabled, the elderly, the chronically desperate, the jobless and blacklisted people as LAZY.  This slander is being used as an excuse to hold our nation hostage and threaten the global economy.  The GOP is telling us that if we refuse to further abandon the marginalized people of our nation and support tax breaks for the wealthiest people in the nation, they WILL throw our nation and planet into economic Armageddon.
On the other side of Congress are the Democrats who fear less manipulating an out of balance fiat economic system than they do throwing half of our population and perhaps 90% of the world's population to the dogs.  They are working hard to maintain a safety net for all people while we move toward sustainable solutions for everyone.
My observation is that truly professional people rise to the upper class, but dishonest, manipulative, silver-spooned con artists stealing from the economy, living off the work of others, manipulating real estate, exercising nepotism and cronyism to favor an elite and abandon the majority of Americans become the billionaires of our time; like Thomas Edison who stole the math and ideas of Tesla and never paid the man for the work he did but forced him to live in poverty all of his life by using the corporate world to blacklist him
There are probably honest hard working billionaires, but they still exist mostly off other peoples work and speculative investments or worse, corporate raiding, shipping jobs overseas, using their employees retirement to further pad their own wealth and so on.
All the reasonable people of our nation are asking is that we level the playing field a little by asking the wealthiest to pay higher taxes.  The original tax law was an indirect tax on revenue taxable activities and was meant to exclude the working class.  The Federal Income Tax was written for income derived from economic speculation of consumption of a national resource, such as mining.  The idea was to derive the funds to manage the nation from the speculative type of economic manipulations that allow people to get rich without producing, often using money to make money, or marketing a national resource for profit and paying taxes to repay the nation for losses incurred as a result of destructive acts of industry.

Men like George W. Bush would rather bring harm to millions of people and take the resources of a nation using the blackest of lies and could only get away with it backed by evil people like those in AIPAC, the alliance to DESTROY ISRAEL AND THE MIDDLE EAST.
I urge every American to do the right thing and express a mandate to the Congressional GOP that if a resolution to avoid the sequester is not acquired in a timely fashion, there will be a new impetus to expose and remove those responsible for holding our planet hostage and the billionaire's so set on keeping every penny they have will be moved up onto the chopping block.


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