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Monday, December 31, 2012

Getting Past the Spoon-Fed Media

I would like to write a little about Conspiracy Theorists.  The term is probably a poor one and most prefer the term 'researcher', but I don't care that the spoon-fed media has successfully dissuaded most of the public from recognizing true research by labeling that research "Conspiracy Theory".  I know that the spoon fed media typically presents disinformation to the public.  They escape responsibility using several techniques.

One is the original lie.  If a lie has been published once, everyone down the road who quotes that lie is not lying, they are referencing sources.  Even when the lie has been exposed, such as the false documents and quotes that portrayed Iraq as building Nuclear Weapons, the experts can go on TV and continue to debate based on the lie ignoring the fact that it has been refuted.

Another is the standard of News Producers these days that they are producing "News Entertainment".  I remember a few years ago when Oliver Stone started filming a series called "Conspiracy Theory" many investigative reporters were up in arms that they were not permitted to report on stories being carried by this series.

I need not repeat the many subversions of the news media as presented to the public, as Kristine Borjesson has already done that quite well in her book, Into the Buzzsaw.

What I would like to focus on here are some of the problems faced by those of us 'researchers' who try and expose the deceptions of the spoon-fed media.  That term, by the way, is congruous with todays protocols whereby a government or private agency provides information to the news media and without any investigation they pass it on to the public, as gospel truth, knowing that such information is usually tainted with the misdirection of powerful lobbies, special interest groups wielding the threat of lawsuits and agencies covering up their own incompetency or inability to do their job.

My favorite example is the ValueJet crash in the 1980's.  The first stories released by the AP indicated that an inspection/maintenance worker had discovered a faulty relay going to the fuel pumps on the jet.  The worker had told reporters that the relay was shorted out and his manager told him to replace the relay.  He claims he installed first one new relay and then a second, but both relays exhibited the same problem indicating there was a short circuit in the wiring going to the fuel pump on the jet.

Suddenly, the story disappeared.  Presumeably, the corporate officers at ValueJet had intimidated the worker sufficiently to recant his story.  For whatever reason, the NTSB investigating ignored this incident and went on to investigate(???).

Months went by during which oxygen cannisters became the issue.  Oxygen cannisters was a save diversion from the truth.  Pilots and safety personnel had expressed concern about the storage of oxygen cannisters on jets for months and this was a popular topic.  Eventually, the NTSB investigation concluded that oxygen cannisters caused the crash.

This removed liability from the executives at ValueJet for having let a jet take off that had a short circuit in the wiring and the deliberate cover up which would have resulted in criminal charges.  The news media of course didn't dare follow the original story for fear of lawsuits. 

About 6 to 8 weeks later on the back page of one newspaper a very small story appeared indicating the relay in question, that the worker had welded closed so that it would not work in the event of a short, had come up missing from the inventory of the jet parts recovered.

Here we see how a powerful corporation was able to require an employee to perform a fraudulent act of replacing a relay that didn't work with another that didn't work, allowing the short circuit in the fuel pump to ignite the fuel and blow up the plane.  With a combination of intimidation of the witness, the threat of lawsuits and whatever other manipulations took place, a criminal act endangering the lives of passengers was swept under the rug and those who ordered the crime escaped with impunity.

These things go on all the time.  There is the story of the hospital worker in Los Angeles who blew the whistle when he was being given orders to 'unplug' patients on life support because they lacked funds and the hospital wanted to make room for people with more money.  Rather than investigate the hospital workers claim, the Los Angeles D.A. working with the hospital filed criminal charges against the hospital worker.  A heavy handed method for shutting up an employee who has been required to break the law or lose his/her job.

Again, what I would like to bring up here is that "Researchers" often disagree or conclude in their analysis varying conclusions.  My favorite example of this is The Unseen Hand by A. Ralph Epperson, a historian, that presents a myriad of details regarding economic manipulations over the past 200 years unknown to the public at large.  However, he takes valid historical research and then goes off on his wild theory that "hippies were a communist plot" (back then, everything evil was communist whereas today our evil of choice is the Islamic Religeon and Arabs - that should teach them for having oil under their deserts).

I conclude this essay with some links to popular research sites.  Some of them disavow the other sites and dishonest and masking a hidden agenda.  True, often the major world-movers and earth-shakers will use a researcher and provide them with inside information to undermine their competitors and enemies.  What we should keep in mind when reviewing the plethora of information kept from us by the spoon fed media is that like A. Ralph Epperson, most of these research studies base their information on well documented (although now widely known) facts.  The skewering of the truth typically comes to us in the analysis of what this information means and implies for all of us.

So, here are some sites for those of you interesting in looking beyond the disinformation of the spoon fed media to protect the secrets of those in power and escape the dangers of reporting the facts.

As far as I am concerned, the two most important are the Mae Brussell site and the Alexander Constantine site.  The most questionable site, although once much higher ranking, is the spitfire list which is being fed propaganda by right wing think tanks.  Nevertheless, there is a lot of good stuff there too.

This list is by no means comprehensive and I am always eager to acquire new information sources that are congruous with what is already known and not simply new disinformation sites.

And I would like to add that being properly educated, or informed about what is really going on is necessary if we are to halt the needless suffering and misery being created around the world wrongfully to feed the greedy lusts of a handful of psychopaths.  Remember, the suffering and crime that is exposed vanishes, but that which remains hidden is repeated over and over.  And lastly remember that the lives made better and saved by being informed, could include your own.


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