I was brought up and knew my way around the 20th century when much to my surprise the 21st century came along and everyone started making up new confusing rules I was supposed to have memorized (long after it was too late to memorize anything).

Tuesday, November 06, 2012

I repeat, I am NOT running for office.

I want the best for the United States, the people of this country and our economy.
I want the best for the world, the people of the world and the economy of the world.
I want to end stereotyping, bigotry, racism and the mechanisms that prevent us from working together.

I want to see the United States using it's leadership role to lead by example and not by bullying.

I want to see the United States enacting a foreign policy that treats all nations as equals.

I want to see the United States treat all nations and people of the world with fairness.

I voted for Barack Obama and people running on the Democratic Ticket to head the nation in these directions.

I rant and rave against the Republicans.  On a personal level, Mitt Romney and Dean Heller seem like nice enough guys.  These guys are getting money from Big Oil, Karl Rove, the Koch Brothers and industries in denial about global warming and the environment because their profit margin is more important that what they do to the planet.

Lastly, neither our nation or the world can afford the continued plundering of our nation and our world's shared resources being distributed among Republican cronies as their personal gain and our personal loss, as happened under George W. Bush.  We cannot afford tyrannical, deceptive, unjust wars that CREATE terrorism as a response.


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