I was brought up and knew my way around the 20th century when much to my surprise the 21st century came along and everyone started making up new confusing rules I was supposed to have memorized (long after it was too late to memorize anything).

Tuesday, November 18, 2008

A little about me

I have been single for 24 years, living in Santa Cruz all those years and recently relocated to Reno. I am living in an apartment in NW Reno.

I am an intelligent, thoughtful and a capable and talented person, although I am not very good at selling myself and often my abilities go unrecognized. I am somewhat empathic and new to the Reno area.

I would rather be living with a woman I love. I am looking for a woman who is in good shape mentally and physically and still young in spirit. Someone who is fun, reliable and generally a good hearted person. I am very much a supporter of equal rights for all people and that concept stretches with me from the entire planetary population to the personal relationships I cultivate.

I have computer expertise, experience in mechanics, electronics, carpentry and much much more. I have worked in many fields and been to college for over 10 years but do not have a degree.

I have always been respected for my knowlege and am quite educated with a special affinity for the U.S. Constitution and preserving it in our current trend toward global bureacracy and the dissapation of human rights. I view ignorance as the greatest evil of our time. (Reason obeys itself; and Ignorance submits to whatever is dictated to it." See: Rights Of Man, Thomas Paine, Conclusion.) I have a live and let live philosophy about life. I abhor the tyranny and ignorance our society is laden with.

A person I met online was rationalizing placing greater restrictions on 18 year olds, falsely believing that obstructing people from learning from life experience at a young age will make them more able to deal with things when they get older. I believe people learn from their experiences. I realize there are dangers just as there are bad people who cheat and steal and rob. I believe it is up to those of us who are not bad to weigh the scales in our favor. I do not believe that imprisoning young people and creating bureaucracies to deal with beliefs that lie outside the norm by condemning and labeling those who walk to the beat of a different drummer is the solution. People learn when they are young. If you forbid them from learning when they are young, they will not learn when they are old. Yet such twisted logic is just one way our society has failed, creating a class of payrolled do-gooders who are truly only benefiting themselves at the cost of all of society.

There you have some political beliefs. I am wholly disillusioned with both parties (major) and fed up with the mealy mouthed minions whose salaries condemn them to live, believe and preach the lies of the spoon fed media: but they are out there and they outnumber reasoning people who are free to make decisions based on reason rather that sucking up to a corrupt system for a living.

I am sorry that this is a time of evil people, when hypocrisy and political manipulation walk all over truth and justice. Yet, this time shall end and a new beginning shall arise.

History and more...

I was born in Michigan where my parents met going to college. We flew or drove to California each year to see my grandparents.

At six years old we flew for the first time not on an airplane but on a jet.In 1959 we took the Queen Elizabeth Luxury Oceanliner to the U.K. I travelled through many countries for the next 4 years proud to be an American. Our president was John F. Kennedy and whether you lived in America or in another country, John led all who had hope for a better world with his heart warming wisdom and call to what is right!

In 1963 I witnessed the Ba'ath revolution (like all others, sponsored by oil interests in the west) take over the government and murdered Abdul Karim Qassam, the leader of Iraq. My parents feared the trauma of the assassination and the war (I witnessed jets crashing and machine gun fights in the street as well as the televised execution of Qasam) so we came back to the United States and California.I was hardly in California a few months and I was stricken again, this time by the Death of John F. Kennedy.

The time was one of awakening for American society and though Kennedy had been killed, the hopes and dreams he inspired continued to live on. Many flocked to the campaigns of Robert F. Kennedy, and then he was shot.

I grew up in a generation quite disillusioned with society, excepting the sellouts to whom truth and justice mean nothing and self serving greed means everything. I became a hippie taking on jobs where-ever I could (hippies did find jobs when they could, contrary to the lies of the establishment that discriminated against them).Through my youth I did many things from Carpentry, to working in Restaurants, to selling Real Estate and working in the High Tech Sector as a Quality Engineer working with disc drives.

Of course, that is a very limited list of all the things I have done.

I loved music and especially guitar. I was into poetry, symbolism and had favorite books while I was young, especially The Complete Works of Shakespear, Le Morte D' Arthur and anything Science Fiction.

I believe myself and those like me to be a part of an eclectic culture. A group of people educated about many cultures and lifestyles like no population that has ever existed before, transforming an empty culture built by an advertising industry to market disposable products into a visionary culture of artisans and scientists pioneering unexplored terrain in every moment.

Certain movies, like Easy Rider and Billy Jack depicted the grim truth with perhaps a little color and flair, of what was happening in America. The masses or rednecks were parroting whatever the spoon fed media put out, no matter how absurd or incredible a lie was being said, and brutally destroying those who valued truth and justice.The Rock and Roll bands of the late 1960's led the nation after John F. Kennedy died, with songs like The Ostrich, by Steppenwolf, Pride of Man, popularized by Quicksilver Messenger Service and written by Hamilton Camp, For What It's Worth by Buffalo Springfield, Plastic Fantastic Lover by the Jefferson Airplane, Satisfaction by the Rolling Stones, I Am the Walrus by the Beatles and Ballad of a Thin Man by Bob Dylan.

Slowly, though, the establishment worked day and night to destroy this leadership. The establishment might best be described as the combination of forces of the Banking Cartel, the Military Industrial Complex and the Marketing executives who wished to capitalize on the popular movement but control the direction of it to further serve their agenda's.

Countless tragedies resulted. The music industry worked to contract with bands that were self destructive and had a negative message to spin the popular movement as one of self destructiveness. At the same time, marketing executives worked to co-opt the movement, taking the symbols of enlightened people and associating them with products or ideas alien to what brought these symbols and ideas into being. All along, the sheeple, a term coined for the rednecks and other followers of the establishment, continued to promote their lies and wicked ways and defame and slander the culture I was a part of.

Finally, the war on drugs was a pretext to attack harmless people exercising their freedom of choice using largely marijuana and LSD and tranform the drug culture into one of strictly drugs popularized by criminal syndicates and intelligence operations meant to control, enslave, blackmail, bribe, imprison and/or destroy all who would not kow-tow to the establishments God of Gold. Even Churches and Synagogues became no more than petty instruments of these evil forces and the great headline of the 1960's, God Is Dead, became a self fulfilling prophecy.Like many of my time, I worked to awaken people to what was really going on. But, from bars to barmitsfa's the words echoed were the establishments cheerleading for ignorance: "We don't want to hear that!"

I have worked to survive, if only to keep the truth alive for a time when again the truth will have value and the harvest of the evil and ignorant ones will bear fruit so bitter that again people will no longer be able to stick their heads into the sand.I am a free spirit, indeed, the spirit of the America that once was great. I am humbled now and few recognize my value or my power. My power is in the harmony I have with nature. All deceptions, yes all the ponzi schemes eventually are exposed for the lies they are and nature shall stand in glory and power unstoppable like Aristotles Immoveable Mover and shower the truth on all life regardless of any amount of propaganda or manipulation engineered by special interests.

The crimes of many, mockingly redeemed by the perpetrators by calling the victims of crime people reaping their own Karma shall make the riptide. I shall stand in the vortex holding the Beatles flag and John Lennon's words, "Instant Karma is going to get you" knowing what these words mean. My instant karma is balanced thus allowing me to stand in the eye of a terrible storm without feeling the wind.


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