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Tuesday, November 18, 2008

Definitive scientific answer to reincarnation.

There is a chemical substance that is a part of many molecules called the Indole Ring. This is believed to be a compound responsible and related to telepathic phenomenon (telepathy and reincarnation ARE related). The Indole Ring acts as a minature cyclotron, accelerating a carrier electron to the speed of light and flinging it out of our 3 dimensions and time along a 4th dimensional vector to an intersecting 3rd dimension.

The carrier electron can carry a one or a zero, just like a computer. The carrier electron hurled at the speed of light becomes the equivalent of an interdimensional radio wave signal. Thus, we transmit and receive from one 3rd dimensional universe to another.

Picture this diagram. Let us say that you are a one dimensional being with time moving in a one dimensional world. You are a line segment moving up and down a line. If you wish to transfer to another 1 dimensional world, (the intersection of two lines is a point - zero dimensions - and the bend moving from one to another constitutes a 2 dimensional bend). Got that? OK! Let's move on to a two dimensional universe plus time. Here you are a circle or square or some two dimensional shape living on this plane that goes off forever in two dimensions. Over time you move from one end of the universe to another and get tired of it and want to go to another 2nd dimensional universe. The intersection of two planes is a line (1 dimensional) and the bend of a two dimensional object moving from one plane to another constitutes a 3rd dimensional bend.

Essentially, the formula is this. To move from n dimension 1 to n dimension 2 one must make collapse oneself to (n-1) dimensions while making an (n+1) bend. Thus, to tranmit radio waves out of the 3rd dimension they must be collapsed into a two dimension form and make a 4th dimensional bend. In fact, we know that a rocket ship approaching the speed of light collapses on itself: that is, the tail of it and the nose of it become in the same place. We know that this rocket becomes infinite, that is, once it is collapsed, it makes a 4th dimensional bend a slips from one 3rd dimension universe plus time to another 3rd dimensional universe plus time. That's the gist of what is happening in a simplified mathematical view of space, time and matter.

Think of a computer network. This network of interconnected intelligence is much like the internet, only bigger and smarter. For example, think of the human brain. Here you have trillions of individual cells interconnecting but unlike the internet, one consciousness is formed.

We all have a form, call it a spirit or a computer program, residing on this internet. When we are born, we manifest that program in the three dimension world with time. When we are born, we plug into a port, or, get an IP address. At the other end of that port is a hard drive that records everything that goes back and forth. When we die, we disconnect from the port.

Upon rebirth, we might reconnect to the same port or to another port. Let's say we connect to another port. Now, if we learn to communicate with the collective unconscious (only unconscious to each individual; to itself it is conscious), we can turn our consciousness inward and play back some of the hard drive on the port where we are connected. Voila! Past life regression. Now an individual can review the lives of people who have connected to that port in the past. Let's say we are a little advanced and we can not only review the hard drive, but we can send information on this internet to another IP address. Voila, you have now explained Telepathy, Remote Viewing and a score of other psychic phenomenon.

Now, let's say the collective unconscious wished to manifest it's own program as a mortal to visit with other mortals and answer some questions for them. Voila, you have Jesus. We are made in God's image?

Yes, we are trillions of individual intelligence units combined to create one consciousness which is the structure of God or the collective unconscious as Carl Jung put it.

Let's say you are the Dalai Llama. You and your followers have developed such a keen ability to 'surf the internet' that you can choose who you will be reincarnated as and your followers will all know what your choice was. Thus a baby is born and yet the wisest of men know already who that baby is.

Some have heard of the Masons and the ultimate being a 33rd degree Mason. Not true. The 1st degree through the 32nd degree each defined by a milestone of learning and wisdom and ability. At the 33rd degree, the person has now discovered accessing this internet or collective unconscious. In fact the progression goes to the 99th degree. For the uninitiated, everyone is told there are only 33 degrees but in fact everyone who is a 33rd degree Mason is in fact somewhere between 33rd degree and 98th degree inclusive.

Technically, you have to BE the collective unconscious manifested in human form to get to the 99th degree and only Jesus I am told was a man and the collective unconscious. Although many religions decry they are the only true religion, in fact, that is just lesser mortals seeking power bandying meaningless words. Most religions teach about the collective unconscious and tyrants and egomaniacs attempt to alter the meaning to their own agenda. However, throughout time, the collective unconscious returns peoples awareness to the truth. Thus the spiritual world is the world of the collective unconscious.

Some learned men who would be 33 degree masons or higher resent that there is a greater intelligence and a greater power, so these people although knowledgeable about communicating with the collective unconscious teach people that there is no such thing. Thus they can have people answer to them and not to a higher power.

What is the purpose of reincarnation? The purpose is to let our spirits (the angels) experience what it is like to be God. I believe the Hindu's talk of Samscara. We are born into the real world with fears and desires and understanding the collective unconscious is a matter of overcoming fears and desires. Reaching Nirvana is a matter of overcoming fears and desires. Nirvana is the equivalent of Heaven. It is a graduated state of one who understands the mind of the collective conscious and is not simply obedient to it. Reaching this state requires learning the cause and effect of your choices and ultimately letting go of all fear and desire.

Fear and desire bind the spirit to returning to the material world. The Buddhists call it Karma and the Hindu's call it Samscara, but it is the culmination of the things you failed to learn in your last lifetime. I believe that as a person gets higher in this cosmic realm, they gain more power. They can choose who they will be, who their parents will be and so on. A person who has not evolved at all is less in control and the collective unconscious makes those choices for them. As a person exceeds the 32nd degree, they gain power. This however may be power consistent with the collective conscious (it doesn't like me to call it the unconscious since it is conscious and it is we who are unconscious of our role in it but receive subconscious ideas from it) or it may be a power used to secure power in the material world.

Those who wish to rule the material world can also become very advanced but their goals are contrary to the purpose of the collective conscious. If you think of your body as the collective conscious (you are in the image of God), then imagine brain cells that want to do their own thing; they want to control what is going on. Yet they are only working to serve their own cell. This is what we call a cancer. So, this multidimensional being like human beings is always forming new cancerous cells. Then, immune cells destroy the cancerous cell and thus the body stays healthy. So it is that the programs of those spiritual beings that want no more than to rule others in the material world become targeted by antibodies designed to defend the collective conscious.

There you have it. Telepathy, past life regression, reincarnation, all religions are simply effects of being a part of the collective conscious.

Common (and uncommon) substances that contain high levels of the indole ring include Tryptophan, Serotonin, LSD, mushrooms (all), milk, and turkey that I know of. Pharmaceutical companies are now distributing pharmaceuticals that inhibit the production of serotonin and the metabolization of Tryptophan.

I suspect this is being engineered by someone higher than a 32nd degree Mason who wishes to rule the Earth and to get the project off the ground, he is working to sever the connection between human life and the collective unconscious by disrupting the mechanisms by which they communicate with each other.

Getting back to interdimensional tranference and the classic example of the rocket ship that approaches the speed of light. The Rocket ship is a 3 dimensional object in time. As it approaches the speed of light, the tail and the nose of the rocket ship are in the same location; i.e. the three dimensional object has become two dimensional or by our formula, to move from a 3 dimensional universe to another 3 dimensional universe the object must beoome one dimension less (2 dimensional) and make a 4th dimensional bend. The rocket has become 2 dimensional. According to the theory of relativity, when the rocket reaches the speed of light it becomes infinite. That is, it exceeds the boundaries of a 3rd dimensional universe. This is the act of making a 4th dimensional bend.

Thus it is that transmissions are made on the cosmic internet that modern science has yet to understand, or at least publicly talk about. We do this in our brain with electrons to transmit and receive data.

The difference between synchronicity and serendipity is that synchronicity is not an act of will nor a faculty. Serendipity is a faculty, like the ability to see, smell, touch or hear. For ages it has been known that humans have the faculty of Serendipity. Thus it is that you think of someone you haven't seen for a long time just before you bump into them; or you know things that are infinitely impropable to explain away as some reasoning process. The psychic power is something we all had and have just forgotten about.

Ultimately, while we often feel the growing pains of overcoming our fears and desires in many lifetimes, the collective consciousness is ultimately merciful. There is NO hellfire and damnation. Everyone gets what they want.

Those who are a cancer on the collective unconscious are not destroyed.
They don't want to think for themselves.
They want conformity.
They want to work all the time.
They are contemptuous of sexuality.
They love to go to war.
They are insensitive.
Efficiency is all important.
Hierarchy is paramount.
They answer to a worldly authority only.
They want to eventually be the superior race.
They want to RULE THE EARTH.

Perhaps you still believe in the storm of hell? Actually, it is the Hellstrom. The Hellstrom Chronicles.

It tells how ants will someday rule the Earth. God, or the collective conscious gives these cancerous beings that choose to sever themselves from the unity that is the collective conscious, and the collective conscious gives them all the things on the list above that they value. He turns them into sexless worker ants, ruled by bitch queen ants who determine how their lives will be spent. This should put to rest the question of who gets reincarnated as an ant.


I explain the geometry of interdimensional movement.
I explain the relationship of the Theory of Relativity in implementing this movement.
I explain the use of carrier electrons just as computer systems use 1's and 0's for communication. I describe what little is known regarding the brain chemistry where this all takes place.
I inter-relate all religions and psychic phonomenon including reincarnationa and past life regression to this natural but hidden from view system.

Find out for yourself. Get the I Ching. The I Ching can be used to access the collective unconscious, but only if you are sincere and not wishfully thinking for the answer you want to hear. Throw the I Ching after asking the question: Is this scientific explanation of all allegedly supernatural phenomenon a valid explanation for reincarnation, past life regression, telepathy, serendipity, Jesus, the Dalai Llama and ALL religions as they were originally founded.

I say as originally founded because it goes without saying that once a religion, which is a power structure that controls and influences masses, has become popular, it becomes a tool for those who wish to tyrannize and control and therefore gets twisted.

The current Judeo Christian religions are all instruments of the patriarchal society that would have you believe that your life starts and stops here. Being nothing but inanimate chemicals reacting, atrocities like genocide and the destruction of indiginous cultures can be discounted as evolutionary processes.

The matriarchal societies like Wicca and Paganism knew differently. The Buddhists and Hindus have not lost touch with this aspect of the Matriarchal society, though they may have other flaws of which I am unaware.

Witches were burned at the stake to try and destroy individual access to higher powers. Current Christianity loathes witchcraft as evil, when in fact there is nothing evil about it and it is current popular Christianity which is evil.

The Dalai Llama can choose who he reincarnates as and his followers will know who he will be. Jesus was the manifestation in human form of the collective conscious.

Jesus said you must be born again. He WAS NOT talking about the silly people who say they have found Jesus and are born again. He was talking about reincarnation. He said you will not come to the father but through me (a patriarchal translation that elevates men, but the inner meaning is unaffected). He was saying that to remain a part of the collective unconscious you must do the right thing and he gives advice to teach people how to discern right from wrong. He did not say that those who do not come to the father (i.e. those who are severed from the collective unconscious) will burn in hell. As I explained earlier, they'll simply become the worker ants who inherit the earth. He said that those who do come to the father will come through him (because he is the embodiment of the collective conscious).

Most of all I marvel at the ridiculous interpretation that being 'born again' is something that happens in this lifetime. It does not. It happens in the NEXT lifetime. Of course, if you believe like I do, you risk being burned at the stake.

Carl Jung in his forward makes inquiries of the Oracle asking the Oracle about itself. Carl Jung knew how to access the collective unconscious.

Edgar Cayce knew how to access the collective conscious. Among the founding fathers were many free-masons who specialized in accessing the collective conscious. Anyone who wants to can access the collective conscious, for now. Do not bother to waste my time telling me that Serendipity is statiscally a probability. I have seen car accidents occur four hundred miles away with remote viewing. I can scan people's minds and know their hearts. Yet I am no great power. I can search the collective conscious for knowledge like you might search the internet.

Anyone can do what I do. It may take several lifetimes however, as the Hindu's and the Buddhists know. Like a baby learning to walk, first one must crawl.


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