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Tuesday, March 04, 2008

Has the U.S. ceased engaging in chemical warfare

I say no. The Chemtrails are chemical warfare against all Americans and people of the world. The Barium and Aluminum and perhaps (unproven yet but suspected by many) mycoplasma's from biological weapons development are no less than a new global holocaust whereby people are incinerated from within, slowly, rather than simply baked in ovens. These mycoplasma's developed during the biological weapons program are now showing up in most people's blood.

Why would the U.S. government be a party to this? When the Social Security Act was implemented, there was an agreement between the U.S. government and the Federal Reserve Bank, that what was not used for Social Security Payments would go to the Federal Reserve Bank.

By the way, the huge debt has been created to finance killing people, destroying cultures and rebuilding cities as an economic strategy that ignores the criminality of this process, making the Federal Reserve and global plutocracy and their Bilderberger partners in crime very rich by committing the most heinous crimes in history.

When the Social Security Act was implemented, almost NO ONE lived to age 65, meaning that almost all the money collected under the Social Security Act (an unlawful direct tax implemented by the Federal Government) could go directly to the Federal Reserve Bank as payment on a national debt. A national debt, mind you, created to fuel the military industrial complex and the Bilderbergers, both of whom continue to get rich in this criminal enterprise that indebts nations and destroys innocent peoples lives for profit.

In the 1980's the Federal Reserve published a book called "Protecting Our Money" where they literally advocated encouraging increases in drinking alcohol, smoking cigarettes and consuming sugar products in order to shorten people's lifespans. It didn't work good enough.

That effort did work to eliminate the lives of many people who would have collected Social Security, but not enough. Now people are living longer. Thus, satisfying the desires of the Federal Reserve Bank and the Bilderberger Genocidal Agenda, the U.S. Government has assented to engaging in a slow holocaust incinerating people from within, to shorten the lifespans of Americans by burning them from the inside out with toxic metals. The Federal Reserve Bank has pressed for this holocaust as part of their personal agenda to make more money for themselves by killing off American and people of other nations at an earlier age so the governments of nations have more money to pay into debt payments.

Something is wrong, when the government that has lied to me to take money out of my paycheck all my life is now using that money to perpetrate a holocaust to make a few super rich families richer.

This is a crime if there ever was one. There can be no excuse for this 21st century holocaust. I estimate that over a billion people will die before long as a result of the toxins the human population has already been poisoned with to make money for the thirteen families and their Bilderberger Organized Crime Network.

Remember that both Hillary Clinton and John McCain have been clear insiders on this genocidal policy. They have already driven Californians not in their employ furthering their crimes from their home and plan to expand this process as they give Nevada, Arizona, New Mexico and Texan to Mexico over the next few years.

Mexico, in publishing instruction overtly on how to illegally emmigrate to the United States, has also covertly supplied many emmigrating with what the Mexicans call Floresta. Floresta, according to the testimony of one illegal immigrant, is used to eliminate white people who get in the way of the takeover of the Southwestern United States by Mexico. Floresta is a chemical sold in nurseries in Mexico that contains organo phosphates. Please note that most Hispanics know nothing about this and this policy is being conducted by a small group of people also involved in trafficking Amphetamines. What they do is move into a working employed group of people that may have some non-Hispanics. They use DMSO with the Floresta and put it on something that will be handled by the non-Hispanic. In the situation where myself and another white person were targeted, we both took the garbage cans out each week. He was doing it and they apparently used the DMSO / Floresta on the handle of the garbage can. After a few repeated instances of contamination, his bones became brittle and he broke the bones in his hand. I took over moving out the garbage. After handling the garbage cans two times my hand become severely injured and I realized I had been contaminated with Organo Phosphates. I then began using gloves and told the other victim what had happened. Being that my experience 100% with law enforcement has been that they always keep crime reports to a minimum by harassing any non-insider who reports a crime, like millions of Americans, I have been effectively discouraged from reporting crimes. Actually, discouraged hardly describes it. I have been assured beyond any doubt that I will be further injured and victimized if I try to report crimes.

So, go ahead and vote for Hillary Clinton or John McCain if you hate Americans, hate the Constitution and want to see a continuation of the holocaust that is the incineration from within your body by chemical poisoning.

Our government is protecting and engaging in chemical warfare on all of us.


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