I was brought up and knew my way around the 20th century when much to my surprise the 21st century came along and everyone started making up new confusing rules I was supposed to have memorized (long after it was too late to memorize anything).

Tuesday, March 04, 2008

Monday, February 04, 2008

Not enough time in a day.

I am working on paying and keeping track of my bills, finding a job, preparing my resume, learning how to legally defend myself, eating nutritiously/healthy, sleeping, cleaning, exercising and writing.
There just isn't enough time in a day and yet I am still not doing enough! Hurried doesn't help and slow is deadly. For those who love, time, precious time, sweet time.... (It's A Beautiful Day!)

The paper had another cartoon belittling Ron Paul's stance protecting our Constitutional Rights. The cartoon showed Ron Paul telling kids to stay off his Constitutionally Protected front yard.

The Oligarchy, the Bilderbergers and the moguls of the spoon-fed media don't want YOU to realize that Constitutional Rights are about more than just private property. These bribed and blackmailed liars and scoundrels are NOT children playing on your front lawn!!! They are tyrants and their generals ready to lay waste to all systems of justice protecting human rights and human dignity that have been established since before the Magna Carta.

They have more to do with whether your government can prevent you from working because you don't have a pussy or you refuse to go along with the unspoken rules requiring lying, cheating and stealing.
The moguls of the spoon fed media don't want you to realize that Constitutional Rights are about your ability to protect yourself and your family from Jack-Booted Thugs kicking in your door and destroying your home and family to loot you and turn your family into slaves while imprisoning you, all to satisfy a carpetbagger's greed.

There are a lot of reasons the best minds of the time, in throwing off the shackles of the King of England, thought out the systems they did, the way they did. Anyone who takes the time to analyze the reasons realizes they are necessary to prevent tyranny and resist injustice.

Now, the corporate bosses and big money wants to throw the Constitution of the United States out the door and they assume you are too busy, too shallow, too self absorbed and too stupid to even notice. In fact, they are lying to the masses and trying to keep you too busy and confused to think about what is going on.

Will you turn your life, your spouse, the future of your son's and daughter's, your home, your ability to defend yourself in the wake of grave injustice, over to some two bit manager who will do anything his boss tells him to do? The two bit managers who have already corrupted the systems we all depend on to survive?

This election you are voting for tyranny or for your rights. Which will it be??? One of THEM, or Ron Paul?

For 200 years they have tried to destroy our Constitution and turn society back towards a new technological dark ages. Will you let them?
Tell your friends that if the other candidates don't seem so bad, that is why they were chosen. They create appearances. They are liars and have committed countless crimes unpublicized, with impunity and ignoramuses who have yet to realize the treacherous machinations that lie ahead.

Hillary has an idea of the treacherous machinations. After all, they murdered her friend Vince Foster and the the man who tried to expose the murderers, Paul Wilcher. Yet, if Hillary were smart enough, she would not have supported the Bills that President Bush wanted to abridge our Civil Liberties. No, the current panel of candidates on the right (there are NONE on the left, don't fool yourself) are all working for the New World Order.

All except for Ron Paul, that is!


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