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Tuesday, March 04, 2008

Friday, January 11, 2008 (from MySpace)

In fairness, vote for Ron Paul Current mood.

Disclaimer: The following does not reflect the opinion of Ron Paul or his many intelligent supporters, but is strictly what I believe.

We must elect Ron Paul by no less than a landslide. United we stand, divided, the corrupt voting machines make permanent the corrupted 'blackmailed and bribed' legislative, judicial and administrative offices. Electing Ron Paul by a landslide will assist in overcoming vote fraud efforts which are certain.

There was a reason for the U.S. Constitution, one that has been forgotten it seems.

This is the last chance folks. Forget what the spoon fed media says to slander Ron Paul, he is the champion of the world as things now stand and it is up to all of us who believe in justice, equality and the viability of the tools given to us by our forefathers to prevent tyranny of government by MAKING SURE everyone votes for Ron Paul.____________________
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Q: How is he champion of the world? I thought he was running for President in the United States of America?A: I say he is the champion of the world because without him leading the United States, I feel certain the world wall fall into an abyss of darkness, tyranny and injustice. The puppetmasters who have taken over control of the U.S. are exercising the authority of WE THE PEOPLE, supporting corrupt regimes in order to confiscate real estate from the rightful owners, steal resources and prop up other puppet governments that allow multinational corporations to pollute, poison and enslave the rest of the world.Only by redirecting the power of the United States, so that our nation becomes self sufficient again and a role model for justice and righteousness, pulling back from supporting the enslavement of the world by covert forces, can our nation be restored to honor and dignity.

To the contrary, if these things are not done, the corrupt forces leading our government shall destroy our nation and replace it with a global plutocracy more powerful than anything previously known to mankind: a plutocracy that is both wicked, greedy, out of control and beyond the power of any checks and balances to ever be reigned in by humanity again. A plutocracy that is not new, but has been with the world for a very long time. One that is elitist and has NO concept of social justice or limited government.No pennies given to 'save the children' means anything, if you don't vote for Ron Paul. All the 'good deeds' our 'non profits' engage in are simply a media smokescreen for the atrocities being perpetrated in order to install a new global tyranny.

I believe there was a coup that overthrew the legitimate government of the United States and has propped up a fraudulent facsimile of our government controlled by blackmail and bribery, ever since. Of course there have been good legislators, many of whom are dead for doing the right thing. The murder of Leo Ryan, the shooting of Ronald Reagan, the assassination of Robert Kennedy, John Kennedy and Martin Luther King, and the escalating count of legislators who have died under a cloud of suspiction can all be tied to the criminal manipulation of our nation.And if you don't vote for Ron Paul, don't fool yourself. The formation of the Federal Reserve was the first step in destroying the Constitution of these United States. The assassination of John Fitzgeral Kennedy was step two in destroying the Constitution of these United States of America. Defeat of Ron Paul by fraudulent voting machines in this election will be the last nail in the coffin of the Constitution of these United States and will start the domino effect to throw the world into a dark ages like has never existed before. Yes, this is ONLY my opinion.

From the bombing of the Murrah Building to the death of countless people in the Twin Towers working to bring fairness and justice to the nation and the world, we see the unseen hand of crimininality controlling our nation. The I Ching says one cannot see the wind, but can see the ripples that the wind causes as it blows over the lake.The blood of our champions and the blood of the worlds children is on your hands. Convince others. Ron Paul must win by a landslide.

Print this and distribute it. Rewrite it in your own words. This is your tool to use.



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