I was brought up and knew my way around the 20th century when much to my surprise the 21st century came along and everyone started making up new confusing rules I was supposed to have memorized (long after it was too late to memorize anything).

Tuesday, November 20, 2012

Big Unthinking Parrots Rule!

The ruler of the little country sees he is on the way out.  He has learned the lessons of Silent Weapons for Quiet Wars and knows how to make money.  He has watched the big country bleed then butcher countries and he has also learned that trick.
He speaks to his puppet on the other side and tells him he will be rewarded highly for his obedience.  He tells Mr. Puppet to lob some missiles into the neighborhood of the little country where live the anarchists; that is, people who do not support the leader of the little country.  Mr Puppet obeys. 
The leader of the little country announces to the people of the little country that he will defend them for he has the two Goliaths: the one of the little country and the one of the big country.
The radio announcer he has hired speaks describing events as he is paid to describe them:   to the listeners of the little country and the big country.  He says we must defend our little country.   He says the big country must help defend the little country.
One Goliath goes into a room full of preschoolers with their teenage matron and smashes them with a huge club.  As they scream the announcer says, that is the war-cry of the Jihad Terrorists.  When the screaming stops he says, we have destroyed the terrorists.  The patriots wave flags and cheer as if it were a soccer goal.  We are strong!  We are valiant!  We are Great.  God is with us.
The other Goliath goes into another room full of preschoolers with their teenage matron and smashes them with his huge club.  As they scream in terror the announcers tells us the jihad Terrorists are resisting.  But as silence falls he announces, we have destroyed the terrorists.  The patriots wave flags and cheer as if it were a touchdown..  The cries emanate from the audience.  We are the strongest!  We are the greatest.  We are the best.  God is with us.
The counselor says to the leader of the little country, what if Mr. Puppet tells what we have done.  So the leader of the little country shoots a missle at the obedient puppet’s car and blows him up.  He won’t talk now.  The leader smiles knowing he is so clever.  He has the money and the votes.  Truly he loves himself for this deed he has brilliantly orchestrated.  Those others  who will profit also love him and will praise him and welcome him until the milk turns into poison.
The Cheering Crowds of each country put the smashed remains of the children in a bowl and the celebrating masses paint their faces in red intoxicated with ecstasy.  The Board of Directors demand more money for the fees of Goliath are not cheap and the money goes into their pockets.
The children are now in the arms of God.  God is with them.  Their blood is on the faces of those who are great; those who are victorious;  those who are the BEST;  those who are jubilant that the wealth is theirs but the blood belongs to someone else.
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Former Congressman Leo Ryan

After all the excitement in defeating the Republican emissaries of greed, lies and war, a moment of silence to recognize a truly heroic Republican.


Leo Ryan, like dozens of other Congressmen, was contacted by relatives of American citizens held captive in Jonestown by Jim Jones.


While other Congressmen, both Republicans and Democrats, were bought off with a $10,000 contribution to look the other way, Leo Ryan boldly refused the money and went himself to Jonestown to investigate.

There he found Jim Jones, former Democratic appointee to HUD in San Francisco conducting his own expanded MKUltra experiments on American Citizens held hostage.


Jim Jones had Leo Ryan and most of his entourage murdered before they could leave Guyana. Then, concerned about repurcussions, Jim Jones forced his hostages into a mass poisoning so they could not expose him. He then, unable to face the consequences of his deepening crimes, took his own life and the life of his wife.


Leo Ryan represents all the good that those who accept the Republican Party blindly are partial too. While I cannot accept the U.S. sinking further into the role of a global villain via the Republican Party, I must recognize the heroics of those whose principles drive them more than greed. This is a nature that transcends political parties and strikes to the very heart of what is central and correct.

We must be constantly alert to look at the Legislator and the Issues rather than the political party.  True, the political party weighs in, especially after the Tea Party held the U.S. economy hostage and ruined our credit rating.  The importance of getting through these hard time mandated a backlash against the Republican Party for this crime against the American people and others it was ready to implement.  Yet tomorrow may be different.  We are trusting that Obama will come through for the 99% but that remains to be seen.


Tuesday, November 06, 2012

I repeat, I am NOT running for office.

I want the best for the United States, the people of this country and our economy.
I want the best for the world, the people of the world and the economy of the world.
I want to end stereotyping, bigotry, racism and the mechanisms that prevent us from working together.

I want to see the United States using it's leadership role to lead by example and not by bullying.

I want to see the United States enacting a foreign policy that treats all nations as equals.

I want to see the United States treat all nations and people of the world with fairness.

I voted for Barack Obama and people running on the Democratic Ticket to head the nation in these directions.

I rant and rave against the Republicans.  On a personal level, Mitt Romney and Dean Heller seem like nice enough guys.  These guys are getting money from Big Oil, Karl Rove, the Koch Brothers and industries in denial about global warming and the environment because their profit margin is more important that what they do to the planet.

Lastly, neither our nation or the world can afford the continued plundering of our nation and our world's shared resources being distributed among Republican cronies as their personal gain and our personal loss, as happened under George W. Bush.  We cannot afford tyrannical, deceptive, unjust wars that CREATE terrorism as a response.