I was brought up and knew my way around the 20th century when much to my surprise the 21st century came along and everyone started making up new confusing rules I was supposed to have memorized (long after it was too late to memorize anything).

Monday, December 25, 2006

On the Road Again II

Up front I state that I do not endorse anyone breaking any laws, as I do my best to obey all laws. With that in place, I am about to discuss some illegal laws, social injustice and the crossing of the Church and State onto each others turf.

I would also like to make general statements for me that sex with a personal romantic lover is better than sex with a person who is only with you for material reasons, though this may not always be true. Also, it is better to achieve a natural state of mind that is coordinating feelings and health than it is to achieve an artificial drug induced state of mind that is coordinating feelings and health, though this may not always be true.

I want to clarify from the previous 'On the Road Again' post that I believe the drug and prostitution laws are WRONG anywhere, anytime and especially in a free country. People have FREE CHOICE as our Constitution guarantees. The principles the United States were founded on included protecting the rights of the individual from being trampled by the majority.

This nation was founded by people whose beliefs were deviant from the mainstream. The kind of people who were burned at the stake for saying the Earth was not the Center of the Solar System. Our Constitution was written to protect people from the tyrannies of both Church and State.

People are protected by law from being at the mercy of authorities acting for their own financial benefit and without regard to a person's pursuit of happiness, life or liberty. Yet some laws that are unjust are being rigorously enforced while other laws that protect people from crimes are being ignored.

Currently, the tyranny that has usurped our Constitution has criminalized people for non-crimes, much as England did when we fought the War for Independence. Those who exercise their right to self medicate are persecuted by the government and by the vigilantes who act outside the law and perpetrate criminal acts with impunity.

Furthermore, often police uphold laws even over ethical considerations. Criminals may uphold some ethical considerations, but by definition, they lack ethical considerations and are concerned with their own benefit regardless of who gets hurt. Thus the war on drugs and prostitution put people exercising their Constitutional Rights in the middle (and usually the victims) of a battleground between authorities and criminals. The authorities and criminals put many mechanisms to protect their interests in place, but the people who are victimized have little protection due to the failure of the legal system to properly execute the law of the land.

Prostitution is known as the worlds oldest profession. Prostitutes don't force monogamous men or women to have sex. Indeed, people are free to practice monogamy but are systematically harrassed, criminally violated, imprisoned, enslaved or blackmailed if they believe in some form of polyamory. This is a clear violation of not only these individuals rights, but of the mandate that the State respect separation of State and Church. How can there be separation of Church and State when laws imposing religious edicts are forced on the general population of free people.

Women who are not monogamous in nature are free to physically massage a person for money, but if touch induces sexual arousal this is a crime of both the provider and the recipient. Those members of both groups are shoved unethically into the world of shadowy criminals and those who are supposed to stop those criminals. Those members of both groups (providers and recipients of sexual arousal by touch) are then victimized in many ways by the tyrannies of the some criminals and and some police: those who might have fears and apprehensions confronting the real criminals but have all the guts to be tough with victims of illegal laws, destroying their lives and shoving them on the machinery for revenue farming.

So, in a free nation we are reduced by a failure to uphold the law. The population in general is criminalized and real criminals and bureacrats (except those in the minority) get rich and powerful breaking the law of the land.

Ultimately, many people choose to have many lovers and are not monagamous. Some can actually make money doing what they like. This is not a crime by any reasonable sense, but only by the despotism of those who cannot control their own life so must attempt to control yours.

This must stop. The time has come for laws that are illegal to be repealed. People are NOT to be criminalized unless they violate the life, liberty, steal the property or commit injuries against another. The power of the government to enact laws was never intended to regulate self medical care or sexual choices. Furthermore, the power of government was enacted with strict restrictions to prevent the legislating of religious values on the population in general. And these laws were not made in absence of reason, for they were made by people who had seen the injustices in the old world and agreed that these injustices should never take root in the new world.