I was brought up and knew my way around the 20th century when much to my surprise the 21st century came along and everyone started making up new confusing rules I was supposed to have memorized (long after it was too late to memorize anything).

Saturday, October 14, 2006

Bunny Lee Musgrave, Ann Larkin and Merrimac

Just a shot in the dark. I was trying to look up an old acquaintance, a friend of my mothers, named Ann Larkin. Ann would be (give or take at most two years) 74 years old.

The last time I visited her about 1967, she lived on a large lot with two homes on the side of the San Bernardino Mountains, overlooking Los Angeles. Her mother lived in the lower house and at a higher elevation Ann lived in her own house.

For several years, my mother lived as a girl in the San Bernardino Mountains with her parents, Harry and Dorothy Musgrave. Her parents had lived in Newport Beach prior to that, and after their home burned down, they moved back to Newport Beach. Ann Larkin may also have gone to Anoakia High School for girls in Arcadia, with my mom, Bunny Lee Musgrave(Al-Chalabi). I do not recall for certain that she did, only that she was one of my mother's best friend. Another mutual friend of theirs was Merrimac. I believe Merrimac had a house overlooking Little Corona in Corona Del Mar, in Orange County.

If you know anything about her whereabouts, I would like to get in touch with her if she is still alive. Give her my email which is nesatince(a)hotmail()com. Hopefully you understand the items in parentheses are meant to have substituted in their place the correct symbols.

Monday, October 09, 2006

On the road again

No, I am not on the road again.  Check back later.