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Monday, September 04, 2006

Patty Hearst and the SLA

Many remember the SLA and Patty Hearst, but few remember
Mae Brussel who researched and exposed what it was all about.

Although she was murdered with a fast acting lymph cancer, Mae
Brussel thoroughly documented the creation of the SLA by the Los
Angeles Police Department and alleged CIA/Skull operatives.

This was one of the early efforts at proactive policing. The
LAPD had decided they would go nationwide to plot criminal
conspiracies to see who they could enlist, taking advantage of
deep subjects, people who can be hypnotized into doing whatever
they are told to make jobs for themselves, fill ulterior motives
and make it appear to the public that their taxes were being spent

The secret team took used informants who had worked for them in
Los Angeles and set them up to recruit people to the organisation
they created, the Symbionese Liberation Army.

Once the Skull, police and informants had created this
organisation and enlisted people disenfranchised in their own
lives, they murdered many of them in a bloodbath in L.A. and have
pursued and killed or captured others over the decades.

Mae Brussel made her breakthrough reporting the story (that the
spoon fed media never reported) about the true origins of the SLA.

Mae wrote for Ramparts magazine, a periodical that specialized in
Intelligence. Ramparts reported world events in a more detailed
and accurate way than the spoon-fed media. Later she had her own
radio show in Pacific Grove, California. While she had this show,
men in black suits moved in next door, her house was repeatedly
broke into and then she died of the fastest acting lymph cancer
her doctor had ever seen. She spoke of the terror of being pursued
publicly, prior to her death.

Her investigative report about the SLA is still around and anyone
interested might inquire with one of the web sites dedicated to
Mae Brussel, such as


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